Sleeping Without Snoring

Snoring is as a result of relaxation of muscles of your soft palate, throat, and tongue. These tissues can get relaxed making them partially block the airways causing vibrations as air goes past them. Snoring can be irritating to the snorer and the people sleeping with them too.

How to get rid of snoring

Practice pranayamayoga

Pranayama is a yoga type that helps with learning to control your breath. When you practice pranayama, you master how to breathe slowly, take in a deep breath and utilize the oxygen around you. Besides it helps with delivering blood to your brain and increasing circulation. It is the best way of relaxation and relieves even other sleep disorders like apnea. Practicing this will reduce snoring when sleeping.

Adjust your pillow

To open your airways, you may need to elevate your head when sleeping. This way breathing is easy. Be careful however not to raise your head too high as this could obstruct airways causing you to snore. With regards to resting your head ensure your pillow is not too flat and not too fluffy. Your head and neck should be in a proper position to help you with breathing which should be the work of a pillow.

Keep up housecleaning

Cleaning could be much fun doing. You should ensure your living quarters get span and spick. It helps to keep off allergens like dust, pollen and other irritants that may congest your airways which contribute to snoring. Change your air filters regularly, and it will pay off in reducing snoring.

Exercise the tongue and throat

By making your tongue and throat muscles stronger, you can reduce snoring since this reduces chances of the muscles limply slipping backward when resting. Older people tend to snore more because their tissues lose elasticity and strength filling their airways more. Exercises that help people with swallowing problems will aid snoring problems too.

Humidify your room

Sleeping in a dry room contributes to your snoring. Dry air tends to dry your throat and membranes of your nose causing congestfanion. It restricts the air movements making your tissues vibrate. Buying a humidifier to humidify your room more so if you live in a tropical location helps with snoring issues. You can add eucalyptus oil and peppermint to your humidifier to help with clearing your sinuses and opening your airways while sleeping.

Snoring is more of a tricky condition since it does not have an outright cure. You can only lessen snoring by having some of the above lifestyle changes at your home. You need to figure out the cause of your snoring to know how to combat it.